Menthol Conditioner - New Product

Menthol Conditioner - New Product

Product Code: Menthol Conditioner 250 ml
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MENTHOL CONDITIONER                                                                     New Product

Benefits: This Menthol Conditioner works in conjunction with Menthol Shampoo with the same coool, stimulating action on the scalp.

Directions for use: Shampoo first with Menthol Shampoo. Apply Menthol Conditioner to wet hair, massage and rinse. 

Caution: Rinse well with clear water if the product goes into eyes

Ingredients: Aqua, Cetyl Stearyl Alcohol, Cetrimonium Chloride, Isopropyl Myristate, Grapeseed Oil (Vitis vinifera), Menthol, Saw Palmetto serenoa repens, Aloe Vera (aloe barbadensis), Vitamin E (tocopherol acetate), Phenoxyethanol Chlorexylenol & Caprylyl, Glycol, Citric Acid. C.I. 42090.

Size: 250 ml

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