Revlon Wigs

Revlon wigs are high quality, fashion forward styles and colours with added lift to mimic your own natural hair.  

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  • Alter Ego Lucky
    ALTER EGO LUCKY        - DISCONTINUED    - Light Blonde available An easy and most affordable way to create more 'oomph' because this hair pieceis a scrunchy! Its loose curls create an instant uplift for those with shorter hair. Simply wrap it around the ba..
    Ex Tax: £14.99 £14.99
  • Revlon Ballerina Bun 6365
    Revlon Ballerina Bun Comb or tease for a trendy top knot or a sleek chignon. Features: Colour shown: Frosted Attachment: 5 Tooth comb inside a dome with a drawstring closure Hair length: 5"  ..
    Ex Tax: £27.99 £27.99
  • Revlon Big Twist
    Revlon Big Twist: Twist into your ponytail or bun to add a touch of elegance. Features: Colour shown: Coffee caramel Attachment: Elastic band  Hair length: 3" ..
    Ex Tax: £17.99 £17.99
  • Revlon Boho Braid 6368
    Revlon Boho Braid 6368: Headbands are back and this braided addition will set a trend at any event. Features: Colour shown: Dark blonde Attachment: 19" Headband    ..
    Ex Tax: £19.99 £19.99
  • Revlon Braid Wrap 6376
    Revlon Braid Wrap: Wrap, tie or twist one or more braids to create popular indie-inspired styles. Features: Colour shown: Light blonde Attachment: 1-3/4" Clip  Braid length: 40"   ..
    Ex Tax: £17.99 £17.99
  • Revlon Clip-Lok Bangs
    Revlon Clip-Lok Bangs  Clip and blend for instant sweet and sassy layered bangs.  Features: Colour shown: Dark brown Attachment: 3 - 1" Clips Hair length: Centre 6" Side 9" ..
    Ex Tax: £29.99 £29.99
  • Revlon Fabulength 6367
    Revlon Fabulength 6367 2-18" heat-friendly extensions provide length, volume, and can give you additional colour dimension - all one an invisible crown wire. Features: Colour shown: Dark blonde Attachment: Invisible crown wire Hair length: 18" ..
    Ex Tax: £59.99 £59.99
  • Revlon Fishtail Braid 6377
    Revlon Fishtail Braid 6377 The fishtail is a "bo-chic" style worn either as a long braid or wraps around to create an artistic bun.  Features: Colour show: Light Blonde  Attachment: 5 Tooth comb inside a dome with a drawstring closure  Braid length: 22" ..
    Ex Tax: £34.99 £34.99
  • Revlon Glam Wrap 6379
    Revlon Glam Wrap 6379 This wrap can turn everyday hair into a glamorous updo.  Features: Colour shown: Medium Brown Attachment: Elastic Band  Hair length: 6" ..
    Ex Tax: £16.99 £16.99
  • Revlon Primaflex Extension 6380
    Revlon Primaflex Extension 6380: This is an 18" heat friendly extension with unique PrimaFlex wire technology for lightweight, flexible wear. Features: - Silicon tipped clips for pull free attachment  - Flexible wire technology that molds to the crown for extra comfort and seamless ..
    Ex Tax: £54.99 £54.99
  • Revlon Primaflex Mini Extensions 6381
    Revlon Primaflex Mini Extensions 6381 2 mini, 18" heat-friendly extensions with unique PrimaFlex wire technology for lightweight, flexible wear.  Features: - Silicone-tipped clips for pull free attachment - 2 - 18" heat friendly extension - 3" wide flexible wire technology m..
    Ex Tax: £37.99 £37.99
  • Revlon Sky Hair Enhancer
    SKY HAIR ENHANCER Sky is from the Revlon Hair Magic collection. It is a hair enhancer designed to add style, volume and colour by blending with your own hair exactly or try creating highlights, tone on tone or frosting effects with a different colour. To use simply brush your own hair ba..
    Ex Tax: £64.99 £64.99