Joico K-Pak Leave-In Protectant - 250 ml

Joico K-Pak Leave-In Protectant - 250 ml

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Joico K-Pak Leave-In Protectant​: 

We’re foaming at the hair over Joico’s popular, triple-threat daily treatment: It detangles your post-shampoo snarls; adds significant shine; and seals the cuticle… rendering hair immune to the hazards of heat styling.

Perfect choice for: People who want to drive away damage before it begins.

How to apply: Just a pump or two of the weightless, foaming conditioner applied to freshly-washed and conditioned hair and you’re there.

The inside secret: There’s a whole lot going on in Joico’s featherweight formula: Bio-Advanced Peptide Complex to restore important Amino Acids; Keratin Silicone Complex–the secret behind all that shine; and Joico’s broad-scale Hair Protection System, which includes everything from Antioxidants to Essential Fatty Acids, and Botanical Moisturizers.


Details: 250ml 


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