Joico Color Balance

Staying true to your hue has never been easier now with Joico’s Colour Balance regimen of shampoos and conditioners.

Joico’s Multi-Spectrum Defense Complex™, along with tone-correcting pigments make these shampoos and conditioners perfectly formulated to not only protect your haircolour but make sure it’s the beautiful colour you want to keep – like you just stepped out of the salon! With technology that instantly neutralizes brassy, undesirable tones, Colour Balance Blue keeps lightened or highlighted naturally dark brunettes from turning that dreaded shade of “orange” and Colour Balance Purple keeps unwanted brassy and yellow tones from invading blonde and gray hair.

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  • Joico Color Balance Blue Conditioner
    Color Balance Blue Conditioner: Now Joico have given dark brunettes the joy of Sombré highlights (think: Ombré but subtler… and better), it’s only natural to want to keep those gradually lightened pieces just so. Like: Not orange-y. Joico's colour-correcting conditioner instantly manages to..
    Ex Tax: £16.50 £16.50
  • Joico Color Balance Blue Shampoo
    Joico Color Balance Blue Shampoo: Joico decided to leave brassy to the band, and give the “Sombré Set” (their new, subtle take on Ombré-highlighted brunettes) the hue they deserve, with this perfectly pigmented neutralizing shampoo. Joico’s true-blue formula colour-corrects on contact, instantly ..
    Ex Tax: £15.50 £15.50