Amore Collection

Amoré premier designer series - each Amoré wig is made with Trendco's exclusive monofilament two layer design and handcrafted weaving techniques for the ultimate in comfort and fit. You’re sure to find a product that fits you so perfectly and are ready to wear in an instant.

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  • Alana XO by Amore
    Alana XO by Amore: A shoulder length bob with romantic, wavy curls and a soft layered fringe.  Details: Fringe: 9.1" (23cm) Crown: 11" (28cm) Nape: 5.9" (15cm) Weight: 4oz (115g) Colour Shown: Ginger Brown  ..
    Ex Tax: £255.00 £255.00
  • Alyssa by Amore
    Alyssa by Amore:​ A natural feathered style with a graduated back; can be worn flipped.  Details: Fringe: 2.75" (7cm) Crown: 3.5" (9cm) Nape: 2" (5cm) Weight: 1.8oz (51g) Colour Shown: Marble Brown ..
    Ex Tax: £207.00 £207.00
  • Brandi by Amore
    Brandi by Amore: Long layered style that frames the face and neck.  Details: Fringe: 9.25" (23.5cm) Crown: 14.5" (37cm) Nape: 13" (33cm) Weight: 5.6oz (159g) Colour Shown: Harvest Gold ..
    Ex Tax: £252.00 £252.00
  • Brittany by Amore
    Brittany by Amore: Soft curls with long layers makes this look glamorous.  Details: Fringe: 5" (12.5cm) Crown: 11.75" (30cm) Nape: 15" (38cm) Weight: 5oz (142g) Colour Shown: Strawberry Swirl  ..
    Ex Tax: £226.50 £226.50
  • Cassidy by Amore
    Cassidy by Amore : The Cassidy is hand tied and has a lace front. It is a sultry layered bob with a natural angled cut.  Details: Fringe: 4.75" (12cm) Crown: 5.5" (14cm) Nape: 2.25" (6cm) Weight: 2.2oz (62g) Colour Shown: Mochaccino R ..
    Ex Tax: £290.50 £290.50
  • Codi by Amore
    Codi by Amore: Angled bob with a side swept fringe creates a simply beautiful look.  Details: Fringe: 5.75" (14.5cm) Crown: 7.5" (19cm) Nape: 1.75" (4.5cm) Weight: 3oz (85g) Colour Shown: Macademia LR  ..
    Ex Tax: £216.50 £216.50
  • Connie by Amore
    Connie by Amore: Chic and sassy, this low maintenance style is feminine and classy.   Details: Fringe: 3.5" (9cm) Crown: 4.5" (11.5cm) Nape: 2" (5cm) Weight: 2oz (57g) Colour Shown: Dark Chocolate ..
    Ex Tax: £207.00 £207.00
  • Dixie by Amore
    Dixie by Amore: Ultra light, short semi-straight style that tapers to a smooth nape. Details: Fringe: 3.5" (9cm) Crown: 3" (7.5cm) Nape: 2" (5cm) Weight: 1.9oz (54g) Colour Shown: Spring Honey      ..
    Ex Tax: £196.00 £196.00
  • Dylan by Amore
    Dylan by Amore: A tapered bob with a feathered fringe and volume at the crown.  Details: Fringe: 3.5" (9cm) Crown: 7" (17.5cm) Nape: 3" (7.5cm) Weight: 2.8oz (79g) Colour Shown:  Ginger Brown ..
    Ex Tax: £216.50 £216.50
  • Emily by Amore
    Emily by Amore: A face-framing bob with a fringe and tapered nape. Details: Fringe: 4"(10cm) Crown: 6" (15cm) Nape: 2.25"(5.75cm) Weight: 2.4oz(68g) Colour Shown: Razberry Ice ..
    Ex Tax: £207.00 £207.00
  • Erika by Amore
    Erika by Amore: A sleek smooth bob achieved using razor cuts for a sharper look. Details: Fringe: 4" (10cm) Crown: 9.5" (24cm) Nape: 4" (10cm) Weight: 3.5oz (99g) Colour Shown: Strawberry Swirl ..
    Ex Tax: £207.00 £207.00
  • Erin by Amore
    Erin by Amore: A graduated bob with volume and height throughout the nape and sides.  Details: Fringe: 3.5" (9cm) Crown: 8.5" (21.5cm) Nape: 2" (5cm) Weight: 3.1oz (88g) Colour Shown: Maple Sugar  ..
    Ex Tax: £207.00 £207.00