Menthol Treatment Pack

Menthol Treatment Pack

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Menthol Treatment Pack:

This is a stimulating hair growth treatment pack:

The pack includes:

•   Menthol Shampoo - 250ml

•   Menthol Conditioner - 250ml

•   Menthol Cream - 100ml

•   Menthol Spray - 100ml


Menthol Shampoo:

This shampoo has a cooling and stimulating action and may be helpful in reducing excessive hair loss. 

Menthol Conditioner:

This conditioner works in conjunction with the Menthol Shampoo with the same cool, stimulating action on the scalp. 

Menthol Cream:

The topical application of menthol cream soothes and cools the skin. When applied, menthol dilates the blood vessels and selectively stimulates sensory nerve endings to produce a sensation of coldness which is followed by an analgesic effect. 

Simply massage the cream gently onto affected area of the scalp and leave for 5 minutes or as directed by your trichologist; then remove with the Menthol shampoo.

Menthol Spray:

This topical application has a cooling and stimulating action when sprayed onto the scalp which may be helpful in reducing excessive hair loss.