Evening Primrose Treatment Pack with Astringent Lotion

Evening Primrose Treatment Pack with Astringent Lotion

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Evening Primrose Treatment Pack with Astringent Lotion:

This treatment pack is formulated to mildly cleanse scaly scalp conditions. 

The pack includes:

•   Evening Primrose Shampoo - 250ml

•   Evening Primrose Conditioner - 250ml

•   Salicylic Acid Cream - 100ml

•   Astringent Lotion - 100ml 


Evening Primrose Shampoo:

Evening Primrose shampoo is a deep cleansing for oily and or pruritic scalp conditions. 

Evening Primrose Conditioner:

This conditioner penetrates deep into the hair follicle for dry and normal hair.

Simply use the evening primrose shampoo first then follow with the conditioner by massaging it into wet hair and rinse. 

Salicylic Acid Cream:

The topical application removes light build up of scales and dandruff.

Just massage the cream into the affected area; Simply massage the cream onto the affected area of the scalp; leave for 5 minutes or as directed by your trichologist; then remove with Evening Primrose Shampoo.

Astringent Lotion: 

The topical application has a cooling and antipruritic action for the scalp and may be helpful in reducing excessive hair loss.