Joico K-Pak Duo Pack 2 X 500 ml

Joico K-Pak Duo Pack 2 X 500 ml

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Joico K-Pak Duo Pack is ideal for repairing damaged hair.

Shampoo and Conditioner  -  2 X 500 ml pump action containers THIS PACKAGE IS ONLY AVAILABLE INTERMITTENTLY  -  CURRENTL UNAVAILBLE

K-Pak Shampoo is a reconstructing shampoo which gently cleanses while enhancing elasticity, strength and shine. This is Joico's star shampoo as it actually restores hair's original condition, measurably increasing strength, and giving it a clock of protection to fend off future damage. It is the ideal product for fine hair (thanks to its low-molecular weight), as well as coarse thick strands ( thanks to a cream-based formula that's rich and substantial).  The shampoo goes right to the damaged areas of the cuticle, instantly filling in those lost amino acids, and restoring elasticity, strength and shine with a powerful combination of Joico's best antioxidants, Bio-Avdanced Peptide Complex; plus Keratin Silicone, Vitamine E and Aloe.  

K-Pak Conditioner is a moisture-rich daily conditioner, lightweight enough to be used on fine hair and rich enough for thick, coarse hair. Enhances and restores elasticity, strength, shine and condition. Detangles and protects the hair. Joico's  unique lightweight formula won’t overwhelm fine hair, yet is rich and nourishing enough to have impact on thicker strands. Joico's Bio-Advanced Peptide Complex is literally anchored on both ends by Amino Acids that specifically target the damaged areas; Keratin Silicone Complex (it’s wonderfully weightless), locks in moisture, seals that repaired cuticle, and delivers intense shine and smoothness to your newly-protected hair.


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