Synthetic Styling Wig Pack

Synthetic Styling Wig Pack

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This Wig Styling Pack is all you need to style and maintain your wig.

The pack includes:

The cleanser removes dulling film, oil and salts to freshen synthetic hair.  Simply add a small amount to a basin of cool water and immerse the hairpiece and leave to soak for a few minutes. Agitate then rinse with cool water.

The conditioner is a revitalising leave-in conditioner for wet or dry synthetic hair. After washing, add a small amount to cool water and soak the hairpiece for 5 minutes. No need to rinse, simply just simply comb and blot dry the hair.

The head is ideal for styling and finishing your wig, whilst keeping the shape. 

The brush is perfect for styling and brushing synthetic hair. The brush is lightweight and durable making it ideal for those on the go. The pintail end is perfect for styling your wig.

You can choose from a black or pink brush.