Dimples Mens Hairpieces Finetech 13x19 Fibre

Dimples Mens Hairpieces Finetech 13x19 Fibre

Product Code: Dimples Mens Hairpieces Finetech 13x19 Fibre
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Finetech 13x19 Fibre
Size: Small (13 x 19 cm) 
Hair: Fibre 
Base: Super fine monofilament with tape material surround 
Knotting: Front hairline is individually knotted through the edge. Fine monofilament is lightly knotted throughout 
Density: Medium / light 
Attachment: Tape, bonding, permanent, clips 

Colours available: 
Jet Black(1B), Dark Brown(2), Dark Brown/with 20% grey(220), Medium Dark Brown(3), Medium Dark Brown/with 20% grey(320), Medium Dark Brown/with 50% grey(350), Medium Dark Brown/with 80% grey(380), Warm Brown(4), Dark Warm Brown(5), Dark Warm Brown/with 20% grey(520), Dark Warm Brown/with 50% grey(550), Dark Warm Brown/with 65% grey(565), Dark Warm Brown/with 80% grey(580), Medium Warm Brown(6), Medium Warm Brown/with 20% grey(620), Light Brown(7), Light Brown/with20% grey(720), Dark Blond(17), Dark Blond/with 20% grey(1720), Swedish Blond(21), Platinum Grey(60) 

Colour shown: Jet Black(1B) 

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