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  • Pierre Pasgal Gypsy Fashion Collection Wig - Gold Blond
    CLEARANCE ITEM - LOW PRICE ONLY AVAILABLE IN: Gold Blond 709 The Gypsy wig adds that fun and very feminine appearance. The hair is synthetic and the cap is wefted. The size of the wig is standard. The length of the hair is 6.4 – 31.5cm. The wig weighs 195 grams.  Co..
    Ex Tax: £89.00 £89.00
  • Revlon Encounter Monofilament Wig-Chestnut
    CLEARANCE ITEM - LOW PRICE -FURTHER REDUCED COLOUR AVAILABLE : Chestnut 8R This Revlon wig is part of the Simply Beautiful Collection which is designed for women who have a sensitive scalp. Features include an ultra-fine monofilament fabric which takes on the appearance of your skin tone...
    Ex Tax: £115.00 £115.00
  • Revlon Hot Ticket Wig - Golden Glaze
    CLEARANCE ITEM - LOW PRICE - FURTHER REDUCED  COLOUR AVAILABLE : Golden Glaze The Hot Ticket is bouncy and curly. It looks entirely natural in a wonderful array of shades and it's extremely lightweight too at just 2.5 ounces - quite unusual for a wig of this length. Weight: 2..
    Ex Tax: £45.00 £45.00
  • Revlon Legacy Wig - Petite - Walnut
    CLEARANCE ITEM - LOW PRICE - FURTHER REDUCED COLOUR AVAILABLE : Walnut 10R The Legacy is simple and classic, a  popular Revlon wig in a wide range of shades. It gently tapers into the nape of the neck. This comes in average and petite sizes for a comfortable yet snug fit. This w..
    Ex Tax: £45.00 £45.00