Coolherbals Skin Care

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  • Coolherbals Amla Extra Firming Toner/Freshner
    Amla Extra Firming Astringent: Coolherbals Amla Astringent contains Amla herb to close pores and reduce oiliness and Brahmi herb to rejuvenate cells. Neem is a powerful natural antibacterial which keeps skin smooth and blemish free. Coolherbals Amla Extra Firming Astringent is used aft..
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  • Coolherbals Apricot & Papaya Glow Exfoliator
    Apricot & Papaya Glow Exfoliator: Coolherbals Apricot and Papaya Glow is a unique clay-based formula that gives a natural brightening glow. Contains natural Alpha Hydroxy fruit acids from Apricot and Papaya extracts which help to slough off dead skin to leave a brighter complexion. For a..
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  • Coolherbals Intensive Eye Crème
    Coolherbals Intensive Eye Crème: An intensive under eye rejuvenating and nourishing cream with herbs to help fade dark circles. Contains ginger to stimulate and brighten eye area. Ginger increases blood flow and encourages the movement of impurities, reducing the appearance of under eye puffiness..
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  • Coolherbals Medicated Microfoliator
    Coolherbals Medicated Microfoliator: Coolherbals Medicated Microfoliator is a special blend of exotic Clays, exfoliating particles derived from Walnut & Corn with natural herbal extracts, which are especially effective for problem skin. This can be used on the face and body with equal ef..
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  • Coolherbals Neem & Brahmi Skin Rejuvenating Wash
    Coolherbals Neem & Brahmi Skin Rejuvenating Wash: Neem and Brahmi Face Wash contains natural, powerful antibacterials such as Neem and soothing herbs such as Brahmi  to help cleanse skin from deep down to prevent spots and blemishes.   Coolherbals Neem & Brahmi Ski..
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  • Coolherbals Oil Free Rehydrating Gel
    Coolherbals Oil Free Rehydrating Gel: Coolherbals Oil-free Rehydrating Gel is a moisturising gel which hydrates the skin without oiliness. With herbal extracts of Neem and Brahmi, this gel is cooling on the skin. It is partcularly effective for cooling inflamed skin due to sunburn of spots. Oi..
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  • Coolherbals Sandalwood Exfoliator
    Coolherbals Sandalwood Exfoliator : Coolherbals Sandalwood Exfoliator is a soothing blend of Sandalwood and Turmeric. These have been used for centuries for beautifying the skin. Used as an exfoliator and as a mask. Contains mineral rich clays to smooth complexion and help draw out toxins. For al..
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  • Coolherbals Skin Radiant Crème
    Coolherbals Skin Radiant Crème: A moisturiser especially formulated to brighten complexion. It contains a complex of 7 skin brightening botanicals and sun protection factors such as Alpine herbs, Liquorice and Zinc oxide with SPF 25. These Alpine botanicals naturally inhibit Tyrosinase, an enzyme..
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  • Coolherbals Special Formula Skin Clearer
    Coolherbals Special Formula Skin Clearer: Coolherbals Special Formula Skin Clearer is a protective blend of herbs to help reduce acne and blemishes. A protective treatment for uneven skin tone. A moisturiser especially formulated for problem skin with natural healing ingredients to help clear ski..
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  • Coolherbals Sweet Almond & Aloe Vera Cleanser
    Coolherbals Sweet Almond & Aloe Vera Cleanser: Coolherbals Sweet Almond & Aloe Vera Cleanser is a deep pore cleansing lotion with Sweet Almond & Aloe Vera gel, gently removes dirt, grime and make-up. Soothes, detoxifies and heals skin. Surface cleanser for all types. No Parabens..
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