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  • Dermacolor Cleansing Cream 75600
    Dermacolor Cleansing Cream​: Dermacolor Cleansing Cream is perfectly suited make-up remover for everyday. Dermacolor Cleansing Cream gently removes Dermacolor Camouflage Cream and other make-up foundations.   Details: 100ml  ..
    Ex Tax: £10.95 £10.95
  • Dermacolor Cleansing Gel
    Dermacolor Cleansing Gel: Dermacolor Cleansing Gel is a specially developed remover gel for regular use. Enriched with plant oils for gentle make-up removing. The remaining oil film may be rinsed off with water. Details: 75ml ..
    Ex Tax: £13.20 £13.20
  • Dermacolor Cleansing Lotion 71640
    Dermacolor Cleansing Lotion: Dermacolor Cleansing Lotion is especially suitable for sensitive skin. This cleansing lotion is extra mild and cares the skin. Dermacolor Cleansing Lotion is recommended for very gentle cleansing of the skin before applying the make‐up and at the same time for a very ..
    Ex Tax: £18.35 £18.35
  • Dermacolor Collegen Cream 76001
    Dermacolor Collegen Cream: Dermacolor Collagen Cream is a moisturising cream with natural collagen and elastin. Dermacolor Collagen Cream cares the skin with special soothing ingredients. Skin compatibility dermatologically approved. Details: 50ml ..
    Ex Tax: £14.35 £14.35
  • Dermacolor Moisturiser Cream 7600
    Dermacolor Moisturiser Cream: Dermacolor Moisturiser Cream is very gentle on the skin and moisturises through the use of various herbal ingredients such as avocado oil and aloe vera oil. Details:50ml   ..
    Ex Tax: £14.35 £14.35