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  • Aquacolor Liquid 30ml - 05101
    Aquacolor Liquid: This is an emulsion in liquid form for fast make-up application to large areas of the body, or for applying image creations to the body. Since the consistency of this preparation is similar to that of fluid make-up, Aquacolor Liquid can be especially easily and uniformly applied..
    Ex Tax: £6.50 £6.50
  • Aquacolour Soft Cream 25ml - 91128
    Aquacolor Soft Cream:  This is a creamy liquid make-up in a tube for exceptionally brilliant and colour-intensive effects. It can be easily applied uniformly to the skin. Apply Aquacolor Soft Cream with a sponge that has been only slight moistened. This preparation can be easily removed from..
    Ex Tax: £5.20 £5.20
  • Blot Powder - 09180
    Blot Powder: This is a pressed compact powder that reduces and controls shine on the skin. Blot Powder may be reapplied a soften as required with a powder brush. The product does not effect the foundation underneath as Blot Powder does not add any colour or texture. Blot Powder was specifically d..
    Ex Tax: £17.75 £17.75
  • Cake Eye Liner Set 5 Colours - 05329
    Cake Eye Liner Set 5 Colours: Cake Eye Liner in a practical mirror set with 5 colours. Cake Eye Liner is a moist-applied compact eye liner in an elegant packaging. Due to its extraordinary formulation Cake Eye Liner is specially colour intensive and long lasting. Applied with Cake Eye Liner Seale..
    Ex Tax: £19.90 £19.90
  • Dermacolor Concealer - 71081
    Dermacolor Concealer: This concealer completely covers discolorations and skin anomalies, such as redness and pimples, whilst carefully selected ingredients, including antibacterial agents, soothe and care for the skin. The Concealer comes in a rotating cover. ECARF certified.   Detail..
    Ex Tax: £8.50 £8.50
  • Eyebrow Powder Palette 5 Colours - 05355
    Eyebrow Powder Palette 5 Colours: This in an elegant mirror palette with 5 colours. Eyebrow Powder is a soft velvety powder which is especially developed to create beautiful contoured brows. Through its novel formulation Eyebrow Powder shows a perfect adhesion of the product in the brows. Appl..
    Ex Tax: £29.90 £29.90
  • HD Cream Liner - 19321
    HD Cream Liner: This is an especially colour intensive eye liner for fashionable, flawless eyelining. Cream Liner does not drip. It is comfortable to apply and is water-resistant. Its durability makes it ideally suited in a very special way, also for professional applications. Apply the product w..
    Ex Tax: £11.50 £11.50
  • HD Skinliner - 19090
    HD Skinliner: This represents a new concept for precise make-up lines on face and body – and also serves as a perfect lip and eye liner. HD Skinliner is applied easily and conveniently. The soft silicone tip draws a precise line, and the colour ink demonstrates excellent adherence to the skin, wi..
    Ex Tax: £11.50 £11.50
  • Joico Curl Controlling Anti-Frizz Styler
    Joico Curl Controlling Anti-Frizz Styler: Scrunchies may be out, but SCRUNCHING is in – especially if what you’re scrunching in is this smooth-as-silk styling cream, inventively designed to leave frizz where it belongs (no where near you… for three full days). Even with the 90-percent humidity o..
    Ex Tax: £13.45 £13.45
  • Joico Curl Defining Contouring Foam-wax
    Joico Curl Defining Contouring Foam-wax: The Wonder Woman of stylers, this supercharged product pumps out as a rich, creamy foam… then transforms on contact into a silky wax, gliding easily through hair to create the strongest, most touchable curls ever. The finish is smooth and dry, locking in y..
    Ex Tax: £15.45 £15.45
  • Joico Curl Nourished Conditioner
    Joico Curl Nourished Conditioner: You know the old adage, One size fits all? Well, that’s actually true when you’re talking about Joico’s amazingly versatile conditioner, formulated to weightlessly nourish and rebuild curls while kicking frizz to the curb. Leave it in if you want supreme moistur..
    Ex Tax: £14.45 £14.45
  • Joico Curl Perfected Curl Correcting Milk
    Joico Curl Perfected Curl Correcting Milk: Got milk? Joico does… and it’s just what the doctor ordered to saturate your finicky curls without going near a drop of frizz-producing water. With a perfect PH balance of 3.5-4.5, this lightweight emulsion seals each strand, causing curls to constrict a..
    Ex Tax: £13.45 £13.45