Joico JoiFix Medium Finishing Spray

Joico JoiFix Medium Finishing Spray

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Joico JoiFix Medium 

If you're looking for a styling stray that's not too stiff, not too wimpy, and still allows you the versatility to play with a hairstyle after it's locked in, look no further than one of Joico's favourites. 

This medium-hold non-aerosol Finishing Spray gives you that sought-after stability with none of the stiffness that spoils a great cut and style.

Perfect choice: for any hair type, but if you live in a humid climate, we guarantee you'll crave its frizz-busting features.

Here's how: spray gently onto damp hair and blow out as usual; or apply a fine mist over your freshly-dried coif to keep it tame long after you walk out the door. 

The inside secret: UV protectants along with Bio-Advanced Peptide Complex - Joico's exclusive blend of high-tech proteins creates a unique "net of defence" over your hair, shielding it from harsh sun rays and exposure to environmental stresses.

Details: 300ml 


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