Joico Humidity Blocker 150 ml

Joico Humidity Blocker 150 ml

Product Code: Joico Style and Finish 150 ml
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Joico Humiditiy Blocker Finishing Spray

This spray is a serious humidity-buster that desposits an invisible shield over your fresh blowout, eliminating those "I can't believe I even bothered to dry my hair today" moments. 

Perfect choice: The voluminous, the curly, and the loyal-friends-of-the-flat-iron will rejoice over Joico's weightless wonder. Sure to become your "can't live without" product.

Here's how: Spritz this fine-mist aerosol 8-10 inches from hair before you leave the house and you can literally kiss that future frizz goodbye.

Inside secret: An undetectable protective barrier creates a buffer around each strand of hair, safeguarding it from the kinking effects of humidity and moisture.

Details: 100ml

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